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Friday, January 9, 2009

Copper Basin 300

Sunday Morning: Mushers are leaving Chistochina, headed across country to Paxon.
CB300 Trail Map
Some great photos

The latest race updates
Lance headed for Paxon at 6:04. Folowing him out of Chistochina just after 8 am were Braxton Peterson, Harry Alexie, Brent Sass, and Sven Haltmann.
There's discussion of the race happening on the Sled Dog News group.

Update Saturday Evening: 1st into Glennallen checkpoint: Allen Moore, followed closely by Hans Gatt and Lance Mackey! Check the Copper Basin 300 site for times and information on all the teams into Glennallen!

Minus Forty at Lake Louise

The Race Announcers

Lining out the team

Getting Ready to Go

Harry Alexie doing some last minute packing

Braxton Peterson with a big smile

Lance Mackey heads back to his sled at the start

Colleen Robertia

Can we go yet?

Aliy Zirkle

Sven Haltmann

Lance Mackey signs in at Glennallen

Race Headquarters in Glennallen

Updating the standings

The 2009 Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race started Saturday, January 10 at 10:00 am, at the Wolverine Lodge on Lake Louise, northwest of Glennallen, Alaska. With a poster tagline of “Twenty years of the toughest 300 miles in Alaska,” this well-respected mid-distance race has once again drawn an impressive line-up of mid-to-long distance mushers, including the defending champion, Allen Moore of Two Rivers, Alaska, who also won in 2005 and 2007. Iditarod and Yukon Quest champion Lance Mackey, who won the CB300 in 2006 and came in second last year, is also racing again this year. Follow this link for Northern Light Media's opening coverage of the race.

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