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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sheep Mountain 150 Dogs

Photos from the Sheep Mountain 150 start, December 13, 2008.
All photos ©2008 by Helen Hegener, Northern Light Media.
All rights reserved.

Great Expectations!

Bootying up!

Gerry Willomitzer's leaders waiting patiently

Ryan Redington's wheel dogs

Jeff King's dogs

More Jeff King dogs

Handler with Mark Sleightholme's dogs

Robert Bundzten's leaders

Robert Bundzten's dogs

Kris Boyer's Alberta leaper

Michael Suprenant replacing a bootie

Clint Warnke's team moving to the start line

Two of Nancy Yoshida's dogs

Hans Gatt's team ready to go

Blake Matray's team arrives unassisted

Dallas Seavey's serious workers

Berhard Wiljes Yukon stylin'

Yearling teammates left behind

Hey! What about me?

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