Team and Trail
Long distance sled dog races, or just trips by dogteam... My goal with this blog is simply to help support the history, spirit, passion and love for dog teams and the trails they run.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to Team and Trail!

As stated in our header note, this site/blog is dedicated to long distance sled dog races, or just trips by dogteam, and our goal is to keep alive the history, the spirit, the passion, and the love for dog teams and the trails they run, not as any kind of comprehensive collection, but just as a place to collect the blogs and websites and other resources we find useful for research, and to make them available to anyone interested.

Whether you're a champion musher, a hardcore fan, or a newcomer to mushing and just learning the ropes, we hope this site will become a reliable source of support and resources, news and information, networking and friendships. You won't find every little thing about long distance mushing here, but we hope you'll find enough to return again and again, and to let your friends know about this resource.

So what's with the guy on the horse? That's just a childhood favorite of mine, the singing cowboy Roy Rogers, a fellow who knew a thing or two about trails. As he often sang - and it always left me feeling good when he did - Happy Trails to You!

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