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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The title of this blog

When I was trying to find a title for this blog I wandered all over the place trying on names. Some were too cute, others too formal, some too oblique, others too familiar. I've always liked the name Team and Trail, and I hadn't heard the phrase in connection with any form of communications in quite a while. I knew there used to be a publication by that name, I have many back issues of it, but as far as I can determine it's gone out of print. A little searching turned up an interesting article from the Anchorage Daily News which informed me that one of last year's rookies, Deborah Bicknell, is the former publisher's daughter. I checked out Deborah's website and - sure enough! - there are photos of old issues of the original Team and Trail magazine. Sadly, it also notes that Deborah is retiring from racing.

Continuing the search, I found what must've been the publication's website, but there's nothing there except one of those ubiqitous "site under construction" graphics. I found an article from the magazine, "An Introduction to Sled Dog Sports," on a sled dog tours site in Sweden.

So, satisfied that I wasn't stepping on any currently active toes, I named this blog. If I've missed something in the process, please advise.

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