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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trailbreakers: Pioneering Alaska's Iditarod

Trailbreakers: Pioneering Alaska's Iditarod, Volume 1: Blazing the Last Great Gold Rush Trail 1840-1930, by Rod Perry. This book is, according to the author, "The most authentic, thorough treatment ever given the gold rush history of the old Iditarod Trail, done as only one who is not only a master writer, story teller and historian who has driven dogs on weeks-long trips through trackless arctic wilderness could tell it."

Iditarod! The most in-depth, definitive work on the old Gold Rush Trail. A historical narrative written by a race pioneer who ran the first Iditarod in 1973 .
Well known for his ability to tell a colorful story, Rod Perry is one of the premier authorities on the Iditarod Trail.

Informative excerpt from the book's Facebook page: TRAILBREAKERS Volume I is the most-complete, most-accurate telling of how the fabled Iditarod Trail came to be. As it relates the 1840-1930 progression of events establishing the “Last Great Gold Rush Trail in North America,” the book educates and corrects long-standing myths and misinformation that have grown up. It interests and entertains, filled as it is with humorous anecdotes and colorful gold rush tales. Anyone acquainted with Rod Perry as a raconteur knows he couldn’t write history any other way.

To order TRAILBREAKERS Volume 1 visit author Rod Perry's dynamic website, which features a peek inside the book, an expanded author's profile, and a galley of historic gold rush photographs.